Don’t mistake her for a work of art,
for she’s an imperfect masterpiece.

Her body a landscape you only
wish you could study,
blessed by the scars, marks and
scribbles of character that others
condemn to be hidden away.

Because it’s the curve and delicate stroke
from the wisely-intentioned artist
that take the ordinary to unique,
a coy smile being transformed
into a freehand explosion of exuberance.
Whilst in her eyes and in her manner you see
the honesty, the intellect and kindness that
means more to this world than the physical being.

So if a blank canvas, a perfect canvas,
or a canvas in the constraints of convention
is what you’re looking for, I cannot help you.
This is the gallery of imperfect masterpieces,
where beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and we behold every beauty –
art in her own right.

© Sarah Mullaney

Pictured: Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso