When the witch did come to town,
she’d moan, she’d groan, she’d grunt, she’d frown.
From those wrinkly hands her finger it wagged,
as she opened her beak, and began to nag.

You see I call her a witch, she’s just an old lady,
but whenever she spoke, it was more than shady.
There would never be anyone less kind,
nor a single soul with such a narrow mind.

Because she’d have her opinion in a snap,
so don’t disagree – it’s all a trap!
Though she be little, she be fierce,
look into her eyes and my they did pierce.

But when she spoke she said it all,
that witch made you feel very small.
“You are wrong!” she roared at me,
“Well, maybe I am,” I replied with glee.

“You see some old ladies, they carry fudge,
“but all you do is moan and judge!
“And when you speak all I hear is blah,
“the thought of leaving, well – hoorah!”

With that I leapt up, about to skedaddle,
grabbing my bike, jumping on the saddle.
Until she leapt to her feet and threw the table,
that little old lady was perfectly able!

She ran at me like a cheetah on skates,
as fast as a greyhound, dashing out the gates.
But even that couldn’t stop my plan,
step aside Robin, here comes Batman.

I jumped towards the telly and put on a song,
one so uplifting, you couldn’t not sing along.
A happy little ditty that stopped her in her tracks,
her finger finished wagging and she began to relax.

The beat of the music caught her off guard,
and made staying a grump awfully hard.
So she happily danced without a pain or ache,
the belly it jiggled and the bottom did shake.

I turned up the music, the witch wanted more,
and that was when she went out the door.
Because then I realised what was going on,
she couldn’t stop dancing and wait – she’s gone!

She shimmied and shammied up the road,
and so went her broomstick, cauldron and toad.
The witch kept going, soon out of sight –
thank goodness for that, this has been long to write!

Some say they see her dancing in the hills,
others claim she’s perfecting her newfound skills.
One thing’s for certain, that witch won’t come back,
and if she does, then again, I’ll attack.

© Sarah Mullaney

Image credit: fanpop.com