Tiptoe down the forgotten steps
to where your soul does rest,
and see the land that lies beneath
the eyes that do know best.

The finest of jade silks is
woven deep into our ground,
in a land that bears no boundaries
but – is yet to be found.

For round the corner water laps
and dances between your toes,
a waltz, a tango, a sudden embrace
whatever you say goes.

Conquer this world on a swing up high,
where you take your worthy seat,
back and forth, your senses silly
you fall onto your feet.

Then a delicate song of angels guides
to a grand mahogany door,
where the angel herself awaits for you
centred in the floor.

“Be not afraid,” she softly breathes
“A gifted soul you are,
and when happiness seems a world away
you need not travel far.”

She leads you to a marble sink
pure water trickling clear,
it swirls it sooths, it embraces your skin
it laughs in the face of fear.

But the time has now come, alas you must go,
the universe waits for no one,
you walk up the steps to the chosen land
and see the life you have won.

© Sarah Mullaney

Image credit: Jimmy-Chang – Unsplash