I thought our love was a fairytale,
the sort that would never die.
But as time passed I soon realised,
that was a sweet, naïve little lie.

I longed for the day I was rescued,
a damsel in distress.
But how our happy ending panned out,
I’m sure, my dear, you’ll guess.

It started with chocolates and flowers
oh, the early days were bliss.
We loved, we laughed, and loved some more,
every moment was sealed with a kiss.

Perfect was an understatement,
we loved like Snow White and Prince Charming
You broke down my walls, the barriers gone,
how you looked at me was so disarming.

I know you loved me, I really do,
and yes, the good times were the best.
You held me tight, safe in your arms,
how I loved to be your guest.

But this was not a fairy tale,
ignorant bliss could only last so long.
I held on to the storybook,
never questioning when something went wrong.

Because you gave me the bright red apple,
and I fell asleep under your spell.
How long could that even last?
Well, only time would tell.

I’d step forward and look in the mirror,
and see myself as lesser.
The glass would speak and show your face,
and I’d always believe you were better.

You were a king and I a commoner,
you treated me like a jester.
There to be mocked and ridiculed,
all I would do was pester.

Slowly you made me weaker,
but yet, somehow, I felt stronger.
I ached for your approval and
when I had it, I worried no longer.

You took my fragile beating heart,
and clutched it in your hands.
You clenched and squeezed until it broke,
my love was turned to sand.

Charming was out of my life.
Goodbye, adieu, and farewell.
And that right there, was the moment when,
I woke up, from his magical spell.

Time is the biggest healer,
and for now, my world was parted.
But, truth be told, I knew deep down,
my life had only just started.

Because girl, you are no damsel,
you are your own hero.
Look in the mirror, know your worth,
let the pain inside you go.

It hurt but I moved on,
and I’m now a damn sight stronger.
Today I am a better me,
depending on Charming no longer.

Gone is the girl who cried,
staring out the window of her tower.
My heart’s intact, my armour’s on,
and I am the one with the power.

© Sarah Mullaney