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Hello! I’m Sarah, I’m a 21 year old Copywriter from Birmingham.

I’m a passionate writer and poet, and on this blog you’ll find personal essays, book reviews, pieces about mental health, travel, poetry and much more. I guess you’d call it a coming of age blog, which of course means that I’ll occassionally be writing about dating disasters too (because honey they have been such disasters lately haha!).


Moving on up, royally cocking things up and everything in between, I’m finding myself in the adult world.

In my free time, you’ll find me going to random places with friends, walking in the countryside, attempting to go to the gym, shopping, reading, drinking cocktails and fruity ciders, and shaking my booty after a few too many drinks (ask anyone, my hips really don’t lie).

If you fancy a chat or would like to find out more, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Email: shesawriterinfo@gmail.com

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Sarah x


Hello! I’m Sarah, I’m a 21 year old Copywriter from Birmingham.

Ok first of all, the Birmingham bit is a lie. Well, not quite. I’m from a little town called Stourbridge, which is a 30-minute train journey from Birmingham. But trust me, it’s so much easier to hide under the huge umbrella (you know, the posh see-through kind that the Queen uses) that is the second city. For those who don’t know Stourbridge, I might as well tell them I reside in a mystical land far far away. Or maybe just under a rock in the Black Country (again, too much explaining).

I never know how to write ‘About Me’ sections. I always question whether to keep it concise to leave people wanting more (oooh cheeky) and seem more professional, or just go on a big ramble and tell a decent(ish) portion of my life story. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried writing so eloquently that

So yeah, I work as a Copywriter in Advertising which I love and I’m lucky. Not many people can say they love their job – especially when they’re at the beginning of their career. Yay! I work at One Black Bear in Digbeth, Birmingham. And for the people who have literally no idea who or what Digbeth is, or for those who keep thinking about going but stay hidden in the Bullring and Selfridges – JUST GO. It’s an odd place I’m not going to lie. But with quirky street art, sunny beer gardens, street-food feasts at Digbeth Dining Club and The Custard Factory waiting to be explored, it’s worth the visit.

Whilst I’m swanning round Birmingham, I’d say I’m attempting to ‘adult’, whilst maintaining a Peter Pan perspective on growing up. That’s basically code for: I’m in denial that I’m getting older, will have to get more responsible AND will be 30 in nine years *sobs silently.*

I’m a passionate writer and have been from an earlier age. I honestly love nothing more than just sitting down, typing away and having something I’m proud of at the end. I used to want She’s a Writer to be a very career focused / growing up orientated blog to help twenty-somethings just cope with being twenty something. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still like it to be that platform. I’ll definitely be writing about how it’s ok to not be perfect, and how everyone has those embarrassing as hell Bridget Jones moments where you’re left sitting at home in your pyjamas, eating your feelings and questioning ‘is it just me?’

I only started She’s a Writer last year and I put so much pressure on myself to be this perfect, Virginia Woolf style writer who could change the world, that writing for fun – suddenly stopped being fun.

Fast forward a good six or seven months and – guess who’s back (if you didn’t immediately think ‘back again’ please Google ‘Without Me’)? I’m doing this blog for fun. That’s it. F.U.N. I do like to have fun, but most things I’ve done in my life have been for a purpose and it’s only now, at the grand age of 21 that I’m realizing it’s ok to do things just for THE SHEER HELL OF IT. Yes, really.

She’s a Writer is my release. So expect swearing – expect everything (well not everything, that sounds a bit ominous). From thought pieces about growing up and why I will never understand the fuckboy (do you? Can you help me…?!), to book reviews about the novels that nearly make me miss my train stop, to original poetry (spanning across way too many genres). Plus, you’ll soon be able to see my portfolio of copywriting work.

It sounds daft, but in my free time I’m working on having more F.U.N. That means that I’m seeing my friends more and trying to do more weird and wonderful days out. Hunting out the hidden gems of our local area – that sort of thing. Although me and my friend from work went to a calligraphy class the other week and that was horrific – more on that to follow!

I’ve also started doing exercise because as soon as I hit 21, I was no longer able to eat everything I wanted and lie on the sofa – I was actually putting weight on (this honestly never used to happen before). So, now I’m seeing a personal trainer who literally kills me once a week, but on the bright side, I’m getting stronger and healthier. I’m doing hot yoga too. Beginner’s hot yoga, I’d like to add. It’s yoga in a heated room (beginners is about 25 – 33 degrees, normal hot yoga is 40 degrees) and Christ alive, it’s not easy. Yoga’s hard enough as it is, let alone when you’ve got sweat dripping into your eyes making your mascara run. But, despite all this, it’s good fun. I’m even running … occasionally.

I also enjoy countryside walks, shopping reading, drinking cocktails and fruity ciders, and shaking my booty after a few drinks (ask anyone, my hips don’t lie).

So – that’s the long version and if you’ve got this far – bravo. Cheers to you my friend, that can’t have been easy. In all seriousness, I hope that if nothing else, my writing can make you smile and think ‘oh my god this chick gets how fun but simultaneously terrifying it is to grow up.’ And on that cheery note…

If you fancy a chat or would like to find out more, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Email: sarah@shesawriter.co.uk

You can find me on: Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Bloglovin

Sarah x