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Terms of business

Note: On this page, ‘I’ and ‘Me’ refer to Sarah Mullaney of She's a Writer. 

Everything I do is underpinned by the desire to help my clients express themselves in the best possible way. In order to do so, I've set a few ground rules designed to make the process of working together as smooth as possible. This covers common queries such as how quotations work, what my payment terms are, when copyright is assigned to you etc.

By doing business with me, you accept my Terms of Business.
1. Before work begins

Before starting work on your project, I'll arrange a 20-minute call to find out more about your project requirements including the budget, brief and deadline. With a strong brief that offers all the relevant background information about your business and project, I can produce the best possible copy for you. If you don’t have a brief, I’m happy to wait until you’ve collated the information I need.

The next step is providing you with a quotation. This will be on the basis that the scope of the work doesn’t change. In the event that it does, I'll discuss any additional fees with you before continuing.


In most cases, I charge a fixed fee that is tailored to your project. This will include all aspects of my services – from our phone and email conversations and my research, to the copywriting itself, up to two rounds of amends and the supply of the final draft. If the brief or requirements change at your end after work has begun, I may charge an additional fee – but I’m happy to discuss this with you first. Sometimes I charge for work based on my day rate of £320 and this is something that I’m happy to discuss.


As part of my payment terms, projects are invoiced 50% in advance for immediate payment before I start work. The remaining fee is then due for payment within 15 days of receiving the final draft.

Payment is not contingent on results. I cannot guarantee:

The effectiveness or success of creative work, reports, plans or consultancy
The achievement of any of the objectives outlined
The consequences of implementing any recommendations made
You accept that you have full responsibility, and I have no responsibility, for the success or failure of your products or services, and for achieving sales targets or other measures of commercial performance.

However I agree to indemnify you against any claim or damage that can be proven to have resulted directly from implementing my professional advice, and I have professional indemnity insurance to cover this.


All of my quotes include up to two rounds of reasonable corrections or revisions to the copy I provide. Any amends must be advised within 15 days. After this, they become chargeable at the prevailing hourly rate. Substantial alterations to the copy which were not originally briefed or quoted for shall be charged for at the prevailing hourly rate.


I’m happy to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement if this is something that your company requires. I will treat all details of consultancy work undertaken for you as confidential, and ensure the same for any third party contractors I manage on your behalf.


You may be hiring me to work on behalf of an organisation, company or group of individuals other than yourself alone. If so, you confirm that you are authorised to hire me on their behalf.

Alternatively, if you are hiring me to work on behalf of a marketing agency on a project for one of your clients, a contract will exist only between me and your agency, and not between me and your agency’s client.


Copyright on promotional copy and designs or artwork is retained by me until the invoice for that work has been paid, at which point copyright is assigned to you.


Unless expressly agreed otherwise, I reserve the right to discuss, display and link to my work for self-promotion and marketing materials.


If you wish to cancel any work scheduled, please note that you can do this until the point of paying a deposit without incurring any cost. Once the deposit has been paid, it can't be refunded. I consider your payment of a deposit as a clear instruction for me to proceed with the project without delay.


I will make every effort to ensure that the copy is free of errors and omissions – including errors in spelling and content – but cannot guarantee this. As the client, it is your responsibility to proofread and approve all work supplied. I cannot be held liable for factual inaccuracies, breach of any copyright held by other parties, or errors once the work has been approved.

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