Attenborough Arts Centre

Attenborough Arts Centre (AAC) is the University of Leicester’s public arts centre and is home to contemporary art, performance and live art, theatre, comedy and much more. It strives to encourage people of all ages and artistic abilities to engage in great art, culture and learning.


In response to the global pandemic and in-person events no longer taking place, AAC were about to launch their own solution. Attenborough Arts at Home is an online shop selling at-home art and crafts kits that are paired with tutorial videos from professional artists. AAC required a strapline that communicated its value proposition to both complete beginners and experienced artists, as well as About Us page copy and product descriptions for each of the kits.


I started by writing the strapline ‘Learn. Create. Enjoy’, which conveys the education, experience and enjoyment that the art kits facilitate. For the About Us page, I conducted extensive research into competitors to establish how I could help Attenborough Arts at Home stand out in a crowded marketplace. Lastly, I wrote informative and engaging product descriptions that balance showcasing the skills of the professional artists (appealing to experienced makers) with an FAQ-style approach (answering beginners' questions).


The Attenborough Arts at Home website reflects AAC’s founding values of making the arts inclusive and accessible to all. The product descriptions give new artists everything they need to know to get started on their creative journey, while appealing to experienced makers with thorough background on the professional artists they will learn from. As of September 2021, the conversion rate on the individual product pages was in excess of 80%.

"Sarah has constantly proven herself as a highly competent, professional and creative freelance copywriter"

She has been able to work to our brief while adding new and interesting reflections that have helped the project evolve and gain a personality, directly because of her work. Since the launch of our products, we have seen a 80% land-to-sale ratio which speaks for itself, and is largely due to Sarah's ability to take our confused ramblings and turn them into easily understood and digested copy. I wish we could convince her to move into our team, but wish her great fortune as a freelancer who we will always come to in the future.

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