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JTL is a leading national training provider for electrical, plumbing and engineering apprenticeships. As one of the largest work-based learning providers in England and Wales, they work with roughly 3,800 businesses and 8,000 learners.


To raise awareness of JTL’s work-based learning for both employers and young people, I wrote thought leadership articles for go-to industry publications including Electrical Review, BAME Magazine and Plumbing Heating and Air Movement (PHAM) News.


I adopted the voice of JTL’s subject matter experts, gleaning light on topics including the benefits of taking on an electrotechnical apprentice, continued professional development (CPD), and creating a more gender and ethnically diverse workforce. To help the expert appear as credible as possible, I carried out thorough research into each subject, the tone other thought leaders use, and the industry as a whole. I took note of key terminology used in similar thought pieces, allowing me to work backwards by incorporating relevant language into the copy as I went along. This is similar to my approach when using keywords in SEO website copy and blog writing.


I distilled JTL's industry expertise and insights into easy-to-read and thought-provoking articles. They leveraged the subject leader's position in the electrotechnical industry and reinforced why JTL are the best choice for apprenticeships in the building services engineering sector. All three pieces went to press with minimal changes to my original drafts.

Work undertaken while at RBH Creative Communications Ltd.

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JTL PHAM News article copywriting
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