PEUGEOT Retailer Marketing

Before you can get consumers thinking about purchasing a new PEUGEOT, you need to incentivise them to visit their local showroom.


I was tasked with writing 30 second radio spots to encourage consumers in the market for a new or used approved used vehicle to visit PEUGEOT showrooms in Crawley and Colchester. I had a significant amount 0f amount of information to distill into just 30 seconds – from details on the showrooms themselves through to information about aftercare, servicing and PEUGEOT's cutting-edge new 3008 SUV.


As every word counts in a radio script, I used simple copywriting techniques to keep listeners engaged. This included asking questions to create intrigue, imperatives to give clear direction (e.g. 'kick start your next adventure) and before / after scenarios to show the solution PEUGEOT offers consumers.


The end result was punchy radio ads that were featured on Heart Sussex and Heart Colchester. As well as copywriting the scripts, I directed the voiceover artist and sound engineer to ensure the finished radio spot flowed nicely and had the desired impact on the listener.

Work undertaken while at RBH Creative Communications Ltd.

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