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Plank Hardware helps Gen Y and Z elevate their homes with stylish, high quality hardware – and all at a fair price. If you've got a creative home project, lofty aspirations and a modest budget, Plank can help make your DIY dream a reality with its range of door knobs, handles and accessories.


The Plank Hardware blog provides DIY and upcycling ideas and inspiration for those 'tools-down' moments. Working with Plank's direct to consumer marketing agency, Iakoe, I was tasked with writing SEO-optimised how-to blog posts for the 'How-to' section. These needed to hit 1500 words, include several keywords and internal links to products, while maintaining Plank's conversational and down-to-earth personality.


I didn't want the blogs to simply read as a keyword / word count hitting exercise, I wanted fairly new DIYers to see their real-life challenges and painpoints addressed directly. To do this, I carefully considered how the copy would benefit the reader, taking time to learn about their motivations and how certain products or DIY techniques would help them:

A. Save time
B. Save money
C. Do the best possible job

This involved reading up as much separate content related to the blog as possible, from Instagram posts by 'mummy bloggers' on their child's home nursery reno, through to magazine content where interior designers reported how to get the most from a smaller bathroom space. I then distilled this info into meaningful, action-focused copy so the reader had everything they need to crack on and 'get a handle on their home'!


Plank's How-to blogs oozed the brand's playful personality, helping relate to a younger generation of DIYers who want personal brand interactions in the digital-to-consumer (DTC) space.  When blogs are 1500 words, it can be a challenge to keep busy readers engaged or resist the temptation of scrolling on. That's why I was careful with sentence structure, using abbreviations, emojis and colloquialisms where appropriate so the pieces were enjoyable to read, informative and non-salesy.

The blogs contributed to Plank's wider digital content strategy by incorporating all SEO keywords naturally and driving users back to the website with internal links to products related to the 'how to' piece.

Blogs written for Plank Hardware:

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