Wacoal Lingerie

Wacoal Lingerie is a US brand that's been helping women look and feel beautiful since 1946. Boasting luxurious lace and intricate embroidery, its timeless lingerie collections go up to a FF cup and perfectly deliver on comfort and style.


Wacoal Lingerie was looking to launch an exclusive new shapewear brand, Body Lift (taken to market as Fit & Lift). Body Lift uses the world's thinnest nanofibre fabric which wraps to the curves of the body to help create a beautiful silhouette. Working with RBH's art director / senior designer, I was tasked with writing benefit-driven copy to help Body Lift stand out in a crowded shapewear market.


I worked on Body Lift from the initial concept through to delivery. I wrote the strapline 'a little lift goes a long way' and summarised the technical benefits of the product with the punchy line 'wrap, fit, lift'. While 'lift' was the main benefit, the client wanted to give equal priority to 'fit' and 'lift', which explained how the product worked. That's why the rest of the copy went down an education route, explaining how the product enhances the body's natural shape.


Body Lift's brand identity and copywriting was delivered across marketing collateral such as posters and leaflets, point of sale through via swing tags and display stands, online and through social media. The copy was complemented by line drawings and natural colours to highlight how the product enhances the body's natural shape, rather than hide or make it smaller.

Work undertaken while at RBH Creative Communications Ltd.

Wacoal Lingerie Body Lift poster
Wacoal Lingerie Body Lift leaflet
Wacoal Lingerie Body Lift leaflet reverse
Wacoal Lingerie Body Lift swing tags
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