Copywriting and editorial

Just as colours and logos make a brand strong, so too does considered copy. It’s what creates a sense of reliability among consumers, builds that all-important emotional connection and ultimately convinces them to part with their money. Ensuring everything I write is tailored to the channel it's being published on, I'll tell your brand's story and get consumers excited to be a part of it.

Craft well-informed, must-read pieces

I’ll write all manner of articles for your business, from a thought-leadership piece to go in a prestigious industry publication, through to inspiring advertorials sitting in your audience's favourite magazine. If you’re looking to secure press coverage, I’ll write a press release just the way journalists like. The key is finding the angle that makes your story newsworthy.

Get to the heart of your offering

Just Do It. Because You're Worth It. Every Little Helps. A great slogan, strapline or value proposition is worth its weight in gold because it does the selling-in for you. I’ll write you a line that helps your customer develop a positive association with your brand. It’ll be clear, concise and above all else – memorable.

Put your brand in their fingertips

Slower and more deliberate than digital advertising, paper-based reading across leaflets and brochures lets customers fully take in your story, without being bombarded by links and calls to action. By combining classic marketing methodology with persuasive copywriting techniques, I’ll stir up emotion and keep your audience glued to the page.

Avoid silly spelling mistakes and errors

When you've worked on a project for so long, it's easy to miss small mistakes, such as the repeated 'and' or misspelt 'your'. If your piece of communications is almost ready to go, pass it over to me for the final proofread. I'll go through in meticulous detail, looking out for spelling mistakes, repetitions, vocabulary that could be improved, sentence syntax and more.

Stand out when the spotlight is on your business

All scripts have one thing in common – they need to be engaging or else people will switch off. I'll write attention-grabbing copy that helps you make the most of your 30-second radio spot, video or TV advert. I'll also make recommendations about voice acting and sound design, as well as direction that can be given to the producer.

Motivate your reader to take the next step in their customer journey with digital content writing.

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